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After the Duma elections: same old story for EU-Russian relations?

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Russia's Duma elections come on the heels of a challenging year for EU-Russia relations, beginning with protests following the arrest of Alexey Navalny and a widely derided trip to Moscow taken by HRVP Josep Borrell. Given their implications for Russia's future political trajectory, these elections and their aftermath may further highlight the normative and values divide present today on the European continent. At the same time, lower expectations also have the potential to engender a more stable relationship. What are the primary political and geopolitical considerations for the Kremlin in the context of these elections? And what prospects are there for EU-Russia engagement in their wake?
September 17th, 2021 2:00 PM through  3:30 PM
CEPS (online),
Place du Congrès 1,
1000 Brussels,
Phone: +32 2 2293911
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Responsible Mr. Steven Blockmans
Secretary Mr. Zachary Paikin